Some 2019 felties

Local fleece

2019 felties and multi needles available

Highland Coo... getting ready for Open Studios 2019

Needle felted animals, birds, faces and pictures.   Climbing art, air dry clay figures ....on a mission. Hand crafted jewellery pieces.

Reg - the wacky Jacky

I'm based in Norfolk but previously  lived and worked in Hertfordshire.

 I chose early retirement to give me the time and the opportunity to do what I love which is art... in its many forms.  I found needlefelting a couple of years ago and taught myself with the help of you tube and Google.  I get HUGE pleasure from buying raw fleece from local farms and processing it myself then creating creatures and artwork from it. These days wool fleece is very undervalued which is sad as its so beautiful.



I also create climbing art pictures from air drying clay. I express thoughts and feelings through the shaping and placement of my 'people' on the canvas.They are all the same - sexless and faceless - each with the same chances and opportunities as th next.  It's often a reflection of life's struggles to be where we need to be. Some people strive to reach the top irregardless of those they stomp on while others will always lend a helping hand. Sadly there are also those who are downtrodden too. They're all in my pictures.


Sometimes I create jewellery pieces too...a bit of bling.   Sea glass and beach finds are often in there and I've dabbled in fused glass pieces too.


Im happy to make things on commission for people too and if I can help with something...I will.   I've incorporated a loved ones ashes into a felted piece and felted from photographs of lost beloved pets.


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A customers dog preserved as a brooch


Brooches for Valentine's Day

Who's a pretty boy then?

My precious!!!

Welsh lamb....felted brooch

Shopaholics and feathered friends



Just hanging around...

Feltie commissions

My precious...

Gannet in a flap

Birds and buddies

Happisburgh lighthouse

Buddies and brooches

Dolly dog

Does my bum look big in this?

Oooh there's a crazy cat!

Beach find jewellery, climbing art and felties

Donkeys having a giggle

1900s bagatelles repurposed into working coffee tables. Completely hand crafted in hardwood